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Daline Performs in the LifeLuxe Jazz Experience! Los Cabos November 7-11, 2019    

The LifeLuxe Jazz roster includes world-famous jazz and smooth jazz acts and they have invited Daline to join their ranks for the November 2019 show! Daline will be accompanied by her musical partner/director Diego Ramirez as they close out the 4 day festival aboard the Sunset Jazz Cruise on Sunday, November 10. 


Miss Daline Jones has been described as "a mix of Natalie Cole and Diana Krall", and Daline says with a smile, "I appreciate the compliments, but the only mix I'm going for is my own". 

And what a mix it is!  Blessed with her bi-racial heritage, Daline's natural blend of styles and  amazing energy has been her trademark since the beginning.

Her voice is strong, pure and warm. She swings a jazz tune, caresses a ballad, and then gets down to sing something soulful and funky. Her sets can include Monk, Porter, and Gershwin as well as Lennox, Wonder and Jackson. Her presence on stage is all heart, soul and dazzling smile. Audiences just love her.

Now living in the resort city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Daline's many fans named her "Cabo's best singer" and her partnership with award-winning pianist Diego Ramirez (of Mexico) made the two, "Cabo's most popular Duo". Legions of fans who return to Cabo every year to see them attest to their continued popularity.  

Together, Daline and Diego toured the USA for 6 consecutive years, 2011-2016. Their tours included Seattle, Los Angeles, Hilton Head, New York, Washington DC and San Francisco.  They also perform in Mexico City, Mazatlan and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Stay tuned for the next international appearances.

For Daline's performances in Cabo, click on her "Weekly Gigs" page. Daline performs 4 gigs a week in Cabo during "high season"; mid-October through mid-August. She tours or takes time off during the 8 weeks between seasons. 

Daline and Diego have collaborated on 8 CDs since 2008. All are available at iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Spotify etc. Their CDs include the all original album, "Freedom"  and their most recent recording, "LIVE!", recorded at live performance in a Cabo jazz club.

When Daline Jones sings, it's a cool collage of Jazz, Soul, Latin and Vintage Pop, artfully mixed and always real, just like she is.  See her perform live, listen to her voice, buy her music, watch her online -  You'll enjoy every moment, you will love every note.