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Their most recent CD was recorded live at Los Cabos Winery & Jazz just last year. It has already sold out every printed copy. Still available to download and enjoy! 

"Listening to the Light" 

(2008)  Daline's first collaboration with pianist/composer Diego Ramirez resulted in six very original songs that question world-views, spiritualty, and of course, love. Several cover songs are also included in this set. Brazilian percussionist, Luciano Callado, is featured as a musician, writer, and engineer. Paul Clade (guitar), Armando Hernandez (bass) and Howie Clifton (sax) and Rich Armstrong (trumpet and fluglehorn) shine as well.  


(2011) This time, Daline wanted to give her audience something that "takes the edge off a hard day, eases into something soft". A mix of standards (both pop and jazz), and a couple tunes in Spanish will put you in a mellow relaxed mood... Joaquin Gonzales (from Mexico) is featured on drums and Josue Cascares (from Brazil) on sax.    


(2012) Daline and Diego have made a name for themselves, both in Mexico and the USA as a duo, so it made sense to record themselves in the same way many people have fallen in love with them. The result is "Duo", a collection of 18 well-loved songs that range from Monk's "Well You Needn't" to Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" to Cole Porter, Van Morrison and more. Beautiful piano and voice...understated, pure. A perfect duo.

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