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Daline and Diego have been playing every Sunday at Cerritos Beach Club, right on the beach, to thousands of fans for nearly 7 years! They decided to write a song, "Sundays at Cerritos" as a tribute to all their fans who come to see them every week. Check out their photo-slideshow video at:

San Jose Jazz Weekend 2014: Daline and Diego (with Joaquin Gonzalez on drums and Arturo Ramirez on violin) perform their original song, "Urafiki" to open their set, followed by "Freedom" with Diego on sax, and "Thank You" at the close of their hour long set to a Sold-Out crowd :

The videos below are non-professional videos, shot and posted by fans. No infringement of any copyrights intended. Thank you to the fans who made these possible.

"NIGHT IN TUNISIA" Diego Ramirez on piano, June 2012, Mexico City

"EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE" Diego Ramirez, piano, 2012, Mexico City

"GIRL FROM IMPANEMA" (lA GAROTA) filmed at Cerritos Beach Club by an unknown fan:

"SUMMERTIME" in concert at Cabo Jazz Festival:

"WHEN SUNNY GETS BLUE" Zinco Jazz Club, Mexico City w/ Zinco Big Band:

"On A Clear Day" at Zinco Jazz Club; Diego Ramirez on piano:

See many more videos with Daline Jones at