During one of many trips to Costa Rica I "discovered" this beautiful place called Tango Mar, near Tambor on the Pacific Coast. When I returned, in the studio with my friend Alan, I described the place to him. He started playing a few chords on the piano and literally, within minutes, the song, Tango Mar, was born. The lyrics came to me so easily as he played; I just wrote down what I recalled and felt about my time there. When we recorded the song for the "On My Way" CD, we asked our wonderful talented friend, Joe Massimino, to play the piano. His playing still brings tears to my eyes. We lost Joe not too long after recording the CD but his memory lives on in all every incredible note.            


"There is a place, my heart has always known; Tango Mar.
A secret place, a world within its own, Tango Mar.
The breeze is gentle there as it dances with the sea.
As softly as newborn air, it is whispering to me....."
for the rest of the lyrics please email me....thank you!